Words from a developing Healer

Technically being a poser in this picture, but I do advocate for meditation 100%

That healer being me. The reason why I’m describing myself that way is, I’ve been healing myself for the past forever. Let’s say that I’m great at getting myself into situations that require needing to be recovered from.

The re-occurring theme continues with engaging in lessons from my past self. It’s like I’ve always kind of known the truth, but it took a lot of experiences before I walked into it.

Last half of the year in 2014:

I’m thankful for my personal growth and expansion, for the developments that happen, shifting changes in how I choose to make it — pleased with the perspective, the higher self, the one who always knows the way out. Thank you for all the changes, current wages, the embrace that keeps me placed. Thank you for the life that breaths breath, the beats in my walking feet, and the voice that sings so sweet. The earth, the stars, this, it’s ours.


There you have it — sweet poetry from the wisdom that has always been inside. Thanks for seeing this. Whoever you are and wherever you may be, I hope these words can help you in all the ways they’re meant to.

All my love



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