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2 min readJan 3, 2021


I bought Ethereum at $778.80 per coin today on Coinbase — I now own part of the future, which feels good.

I wasn’t kidding about documenting this journey. I honestly need this as a way to keep track of and hold myself accountable. I was so excited that I got my mom to make her first investment in Bitcoin. I can’t take all that credit as I have an uncle who’s been in the crypto craze world for awhile. Still, it feels exhilarating to be apart of the movement.

I’ll link all the YouTube videos that I’ve watched since I can easily copy those links from my history, but I feel like I have been waking when it comes to this crypto evolution, and this is seriously just as of this past day.

Admittedly, I don’t know what I’m doing entirely. The charts are hard to understand regarding how the price fluctuates, and the technology itself is incredibly complex. I intend on learning as I go. I believe in this technology’s potential in the future, and I understand this as a long term investment, about ten years. I’m eager to see how good people around the world will use this technology, and I’m happy to be apart of it.

So here are the details of what I did and what my plan is.

I signed up for a free account on I then decided to set up my bank account to transfer funds. Next, I selected to go all-in on a single coin of Etherum. After all the research yesterday, I felt inspired to invest here. I spent a total of $795, $11.67 in fees for using Coinbase, making me the official proud owner of +1.00581742 ETH.

My next plan is to go in on Bitcoin. I’m watching the charts, you know, the one’s I don’t understand. I plan to wait for a price drop, which might never happen, but when it does, I’ll go in 1k and make either a weekly or biweekly contribution. I’ll make another post once I do that.

That’s all I have for tonight, though. I’m still diving deep into everything crypto, and I’m fascinated.

I am sending all my love.

(ok, so it’s not all the videos I watched, but here’s a few that got me started)



Attitude Gratitude

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