I Researched Bitcoin for New Years 2021

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4 min readJan 2, 2021


I believe I’m tapping into something great build on the collective good of people and the future.

Bitcoin has been around for a while. I remember hearing about it throughout the years, but what’s different now is the engagement level I feel.

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’ll see a different tone here. I believe in Bitcoin so much more than I have before, and it’s because I took some time to look into it. I suppose other forces allowed me to play with this information at this very moment in time. Like how you read a book at the right time in your life, it can profoundly impact you. Timing is key, but also an element that seems so out of grasp. Anyway. Bitcoin.

I want to express how I feel so profoundly impacted by what I’ve learned today. I knew about Bitcoin before, but today I learned how it encompasses so many things that hold intrinsic value.

Today I learned that Bitcoin isn’t about getting rich; that’s just a potential side-effect of contributing to Bitcoin. It’s really about being apart of a new way of distributing value. Today, I wanted to share my collection of notes from watching and listening to several hours of content about this new wave of technology.

So. First, I had to understand banks more clearly before grasping the little I now know about Bitcoin. I have my biweekly paycheck going directly to a banking institution. That money becomes their money. They are legally obligated to give me that money -Thus, I have my checking account. So banks are run on laws, and the government makes laws. Lately, it seems that the trust in our government is dwindling. I already have a mistrust for the government that started after watching Zerigtfigst the movie when I was a teen. Today is the first time I’ve been able to grasp why I’ve felt that way for so long.

We are the 99 percent. I started understanding more about wealth inequality at that time, and I was eager to join that movement. I now understand Bitcoin as a solution to that problem. I feel honored for the experience of being able to join a collective action of some great minds. I haven’t invested anything into Bitcoin yet, but it’s impeccable knowing that I’ll contribute to something that has so much importance and meaning to me on a deep level. It’s all about helping other people in a significant way.

Here’s how I see it. Bitcoin is possible because of a bunch of good people with big brains. It started with a vision to have the value be distributed digitally in a decentralized way. So instead of having a bank hold your money, you keep your money. I hadn’t paid much attention to global news much, but there are well-known points in the history of banks where they, along with the government, have significantly taken advantage of people. Banks are for-profit, so they make money off of you, don’t forget.

Working in tier 3 technical support on a MySQL database using sha64hash functions to store attachments helps me grasp the concept better, but also this is my first day opening up to the idea, so I know there’s far more to learn and question. The point is that I see how math and computer science will play an enormous role in this substantial transformative shift that is happening in the world right now.

I want to be open about my journey into this new world. I feel excited, and intellectually it seems to align with so many of the goals that I’ve set for myself throughout the years. Like I’m maybe tapping into my calling while plugging into this massive network of dreamers.

Today I learned that Bitcoin is for the people and by the people. I’ll continue venturing into this admittedly emotional quest into all that there is to know about Bitcoin. I want to be careful and as thoughtful as possible before making my first real, meaningful investment that holds value to my heart, and I feel like that is the direction this is heading, being honest. I haven’t found this type of passionate energy in a while, and I couldn’t be more grateful for it.

I intend on sharing every step of my process once I’m ready to put my money where my mouth is. I’ll be great for keeping track and giving others an honest look to an entirely new person involving themselves in this bizarre breakthrough of technology.

Happy new year, everyone, sending all my love.



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