Being my own Advocate

Zion National Park in Utah. Picture taken by yours turly

Learning how to love me through creative writing has proven to be a powerful tool in my life. My thoughts become more apparent, and it leads me to feel confident on my journey.

Sharing my process with others supplies me with a sort of energy that fires me to keep on giving it. So to continue with the theme, here are some words from a slightly younger me.


I’m relishing in everything I’ve accomplished thus far as an adult. I enjoy who I am most of the time, and I’ve solidified an excellent foundation for myself. I’ve genuinely taken my strengths to the next level. I’m moving forward with expanding my experiences and allowing these to help shape a life that will not only benefit me but those closest to me and more. Now is the time for real honest with myself. Not to say I haven’t been doing that, but more so, I realize how every choice I make now will affect every single aspect of my future. I’ve learned this. In 2020 I will live it and beyond.

My Strengths are:

Strategic. I’m a naturally strategic and analytical thinker. This makes me a great problem solver.

Communication. I love connecting with people and building relationships.

Responsibility. I’m known for seeing problems through to a solution.

Quotes for 2020:

What you seek seeks you.

Provide for yourself and be provided for.

Emotional Regulation -

The longer I practice meditation, the more clearly I see the benefits I reap. I’ve noticed myself in high emotional states, and I’ve been able to induce deep breathing and self-talk, which helped me separate from the attachment.

** My cover titles **

  1. I love these moments
  2. feeling more focused
  3. consistency in motion
  4. overtime keep growing
  5. Alive until I die
  6. Riding the waves of a past
  7. Realizing, inspired
  8. My brain is rewired
  9. Fine-tuned my desires
  10. I love me from the beginning to the end

Being altruistic is an action. To do an act that feels automatic, you must create the habit. This is a habit I want to adopt or enhance.

More Attitude of Gratitude

I’m grateful for the people who see my worth, for the friendships cultivated, and the confidence gained. To be a mentor would be honest as it was my mentors who aided in my development. I’m grateful for still having a job. I’ve evolved my financial making decisions, though there’s still plenty of room for improvement. I’m thankful for my openness always to seek improvement. I’m grateful for my body. Overall I feel healthy, energized, and prepared. Like my financial evolution, I see areas for development with my physical health, and for that awareness, I am grateful. I’m proud of my general eating habits. I mostly stay away from food that upsets, and instead indulge in food that makes me feel great!

A poem**

Let it wash over you like a wave. Sink into the sand to be never touched right there again. The waters they go, and when I flow, I learn the art of letting go.

Things to let go of:






I trust myself to maintain a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle. It’s part of my roots to be this way.

A clean home is a happy home. I love wherever I make my home.

I am all the good things I see in others.

How can I use my experiences to create something that has a meaningful impact on people worldwide?


I hope everyone who made it this far enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Expressive writing feels natural for me, and I’m super glad to be at a point where I am comfortable sharing my voice with others.

As stated in my last post and every post going forward — please reach out and connect.



YouTube: Attitude Grattitude




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